Soul Sunday Gentle Facial Cleanser | Ricewash

Soul Sunday Gentle Facial Cleanser | Ricewash



a silky, soap-free cleanser for sensitive skin and everyday use. rice water, jojoba oil, & lavender gently cleanse, leaving skin soft and refreshed.

natural + vegan.  hand-blended in usa.

2 oz glass bottle with pump

Ingredients :

rice water - anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and loaded with vitamin b, which helps promote cell growth. in japan, rice water is used to cleanse, for skin clarity and smoothness.

aloe - powerfully hydrating and rich in antioxidants, aloe soothes skin of irritation and inflammation, helping heal acne.

jojoba oil - very similar to skin's natural sebum, cleansing with this light oil balances skin's own natural oil production.

french lavender essential oil - among lavender's many attributes, it's famous for being anti-bacterial and anti-viral,  and its ability to cleanse and prevent acne. lavender calms sensitive skin.

free of parabens, dyes & sulfates.

how to use: wet face and gently massage into skin for 1 minute. rinse. mist with soul sunday gentle toner or tokai for the full effect.

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